Oliver Spanuth


Jam with Andreas Kümmert

I had the great pleasure to jam with Andreas Kümmert at this year’s Breminale 2015 festival!

We met backstage, I told him I was a big fan, and he invited me to play with him. Our local TV station filmed the gig and they kindly interviewed me (thanks, Radio Bremen).

Abi Wallenstein

While I was on tour with Dave Goodman and Steve Baker, I had the spontaneous pleasure to jam with Abi Wallenstein! Thanks to @sockenfrank in the audience for sharing those videos.

November 2014, Dreieich, Germany.

Yamaha DBR Speakers Promo

Promotional video for Yamaha’s DBR speaker series. I’m playing with Dave Goodman and Marcello Albrecht.

Dave Goodman

A live tv gig in Bielefeld. A small drumsolo at 4:58, for those who care 😉


Big Daddy Wilson

Great groovy track from the new CD I’m your man, live at the Musichall Worpswede.


Dave Goodman

Dave Goodman

No Rest for the Wicked (2014)

The new release of Dave Goodman. A pure solo album with me playing brushes on a few tracks. Beatiful acustic music, recorded live in the studio.

Also available on Spotify.